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Mini Chihuahuas do Premiado Amichetti

As vantagensde se ter um chihuahua puro do Moderno Canil Amichetti de Juquitiba SP:
  • Permite ser levado ao colo, até pelo pouco peso
    Fácil de levar para todo o lado
    Pode viajar na cabine dos aviões, junto dos donos
    Pouco gasto em alimentação
    Bom para a vida em apartamentos
    Adapta-se à vida do dono
    Bom cão de alerta
    Não exige muito exercício físico
    A pelagem dispensa muita manutenção
    Uma longevidade entre os 14 -20 anos.

    Os cães puros amichetti chihuahuas são mansinhos e não latem, como requer um chihuahua puro e original, explica o tradicional criador e comportamentalista canino Claudio do Premiado Canil Amichetti de Juquitiba SP.

    Ligue para o Canil Amichetti de Juquitiba SP, para encontar seu filhotinho de chihuahua, bem pequenino, brancos, piratas, cremes, beges, tricolores, pretos e canelas, ligue para agendar sua visita no 11 4684 1047 / 11 99386 8744 hc atendemos sábados, domingos e feriados mediante agendamento prévio. 

Chihuahua Mini Teacup Chihuahua Tiny Chi Breeder Chihuahua Pups

Welcome to Chihuahua Petclube Campline!

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*** The puppies are extremely tiny and the pictures don't do them justice. Please come and see our babies in person if possible or feel free to ask for references from our other happy clients. Most people are so pleased with their puppy that they come back to us and adopt a 2nd one! We take immense pride in our reputation and your satisfaction.***

*All Payments Received whether a deposit or full payment are non-refundable unless the puppy becomes severely ill or deceased while in our care.*

We are proud to breed champion bloodline IPC Chihuahuas. All of our Chihuahuas are either Champion Sired or have Champion Bloodlines. 

All puppies are cute, but they are only puppies for a short time, and most of their life will be spent as an adult.

Genetics will tell you if your cute puppy will be a beautiful adult.
This is the reason you always want to see the parents and their pedigrees and why it is important to have Champion Bloodlines!

Each and every one of our Chihuahua Dreams Chihuahuas are either sired by Champion Show Dogs, or have pedigrees filled with top champion bloodlines. Not only will you get a gorgeous puppy, but a gorgeous adult as well.

A little about us:

Chihuahua Petclube Camp Line. This page is dedicated to letting you know about me and how I breed, raise, and take great care of my Chihuahuas. We have around 6-8 litters of chihuahua puppies for sale per yer and strive for the highest quality over quantity. All of our adult chihuahuas are in the 3.5-5 pound range and so our puppies are genetically very small as well. Some people refer to these teeny tiny chihuahuas as "teacup chihuahuas", however this is just a term used to describe an ultra tiny chihuahua. Not only are our chihuahua puppies ultra tiny, they have exceptional conformation in accordance with the chihuahua breed standard and wonderful, sweet temperaments. I have spent my entire life caring for animals, but mainly chihuahuas. I have been a hobby breeder of beautiful chihuahuas for over 10 years now, but in the last few years have only been breeding IPC chihuahuas with the goal of bettering the breed. All of our animals are part of our family and we treat them as such. We strongly feel that no pet can learn any more or any less than the new owner takes time to teach them. Our dogs are our entire life. Our biggest goal is to place each one into a loving, caring, proper environment with the right family. 

We at NO time sell to pet shops, puppy brokers, or puppy mills.

chi maleIf you have a specific look that you want in your chihuahua puppy please let me know. If you look through the pictures of "Our Chis" you will see that we breed typey (pronounced applehead, smaller ears, shorter nose, bigger eyes, more compact cobby bodies, etc) and as a result our puppies are really gorgeous and typey as well. All of our dogs have champion bloodlines and/or are champion sired (pedigrees of our dogs available upon request). Each breeding is carefully planned with the right sire and the right dam that we feel will produce the best quality puppies (both temperament and looks). I raise my chihuahuas indoors and they are potty pad trained. My chihuahuas are held and loved on a daily basis. When you see and hold one for yourself you will see they are very comfortable with humans. They do not nip or bark, they are not yappy, and they certainly do not bite. My chihuahuas wag their tail and wait to be picked up. My chihuahuas eat Royal Canin and I do not have any health issues with them. I believe a high quality food makes a huge difference in the health, energy and coat of a chihuahua. I would recommend Royal Canin to any dog owner. I do "free feed" all of my chihuahuas, meaning they can eat whenever they choose to at any time, day or night. Please feel free to email or call with any questions. I feel my puppies deserve to be met in person by a chihuahua lover who takes the time out to come and meet them, but I do understand that this is not always possible. A chihuahua is the best friend you will ever have. I can't wait for you to meet our beautiful babies. Thanks for visiting our website.


We currently have chihuahua puppies for sale. Please visit the "Available" Page of our website to view pictures and information about these puppies. Our puppies are adopted quickly, so if you see one that you like please don't hesitate contact me.

Mini Chihuahua Puros Canil Premiado Preços Filhotes

Filhotes de chihuahua para venda doPremiado Canil e Moderno Amichetti Veja Fotos Chihuahua Moderno e Preços Chihuahua Moderno ao final do artigo 


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Chihuahua Moderno com "Tricolor "gene super saudável especialidade do Canil e Criador Amichetti do grupo Petclube

whatssapp 11 99386-8744 hc Amichetti / 11 96393-1128 hc Dr. Gabriel / 11 96372-9323
raros cãescom gene  tricolor blac/tan e tri choco/tan
Chihuahua Moderno corretíssimo e super amigo de crianças
Criadores do chihuahua Moderno: Pequeno e Saudável