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Bulldog Francês

Tricolor French bulldog Tri Choco French bulldog Tri Blue French bulldog

Tricolor French bulldog Tri Choco French bulldog  Tri Blue French bulldog



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French Bulldog Rare Color Petclube Camp

mini bully usa frenchieExotic and Rare color chart for the French Bulldog breed

(ky/ky) This dog is solid in color, then the B locus will detrmine its base color such as blue, chocolate or even lilac.
(at/at) This dog will have tan point regardless of base color and may or may not have brindle in its tan points.
(Bb/dd) A dog that is Blue in color and carrier of both blue and chocolate. *Dual Carrier
(bb/Dd) A dog that is Chocolate in color and carrier of both blue and chocolate. *Dual Carrier
(Bb/Dd) A dog that may be any color other than blue or chocolate but carrier of both. *Dual Carrier
(bb/dd) This dog will be Lilac in color and carrier of both blue and chocolate, typically with self-colored nose leather and feet pads. Both parents must be double factored dogs in order to give a double dose of "b" and "d" to its offspring. *Dual Carrier
Genotype Refers to a genetic trait or value, or genes that are carried in the blood but are not physical or visible traits or characteristics.
Phenotype Referts to a physical, visable trait or characteristic. In this case refering to coat color.
The color "BLUE" may refer to a number of tones and shades by phenotype. A blue or mouse dog may be solid blue, blue brindle, blue fawn, blue pied or silver blue forms of dilute. They will ALL DNA test at (dd).

The color "CHOCOLATE" may refer to a number of tones and shades by phenotype. A chocolate or liver dog may be solid chocolate, chocolate brindle, chocolate fawn or chocolate pied. They will ALL DNA test at (bb).

We are a part ofPetclube Camp  Frenchies in São Paulo Brasil.Our lilac, black and tan, blue and tan, sable, lilac and blue french bulldog bloodlines are predominantly Hungarian, Russian and USA.

We proudly own and breed this amazing breed in rain forest- juquitiba. We specialize in exotic and rare colors of french bulldogs. Some of those colors include lilac, lilac pied, lilac brindle, lilac fawn and hopefully soon we will have lilac tri or lilac and tan frenchies running around. We also breed blue french bulldogs and have blue french bulldog puppies for sale at times.

We are also in our own mission to produce the elusive and extraordinary lilac french bulldog by combining our blue frenchies with our lilac frenchies.

The bloodlines that we use to produce our high quality puppies are some of the finest and most sought after bloodlines in the world.

We have made the necessary sacrifice to bring in some of this fine blood in from outside of the Brasil in efforts to have the best breeding stock possible and use quality dogs to establish our own Petclube Bloodline here in the Brasil. Our pups all are very well cared for by our entire family. Making sure they receive all the love an affection they require prior to being spoiled by their new permanent homes. 



We are excited to have this beautiful lilac pied boy here! His color DNA is (dd, bb) and will pass on blue and chocolate to 100% of his future offspring! Looking forward to his future babies!


Some of those quality bloodlines include: Blue Shark, Gold-Sierra, Unicum Buldy, Von Der Monarchia, SilverBlood, GleenLee, Iz Palevych Buldogov, Twin Lakes, Cox, Philip's Cooldog, Little Predator, Nagyerdoi Champion, Du Champagne, Sopianae Imperator, Super Bully, Tisza-parti Jopofa-Topa, De La Parure, ZZR, Von Bad-Bull, Szuretti Golden, Tuti-Bull, Bostondane,  and a few other select lines.

Our frenchies are also heavily champion and grand champion bred and posses many great attributes and characteristics that are infused into our breeding program and ultimately into each and every one of our top notch blue frenchie puppies.

Petclube Frenchies is a reputable and knowledgeable blue french bulldog breeder and it shows in the quality of our productions. Feel free to conatct us anytime! :)

O Premiado Canil de Bulldog Francês e Inglês Petclube Camp Line possui linhas de sangue de bulldogs, consagradas  mundialmente com lindos filhotes 
bulldog francês blue e choco gene, bulldog cremes com choco gene, bulldog francês dourados com blue gene, bulldog francês fulvos com blue gene, bulldog francês brancos, bulldog francês tigrados, bulldog francês baios e mascarados com blue gene para venda.


Frenchie Mini Bulldog For Sale

PETCLUBE Frenchies Camp is located on a farm in south São Paulo. All our dogs are raised with pride in a clean and healthy environment. They have a big play yard to run and play. Inside they have heat, air conditioning and a stereo to keep them happy and in good mental and physical health. Frenchies give us so much love and joy, and we love it when we can pass it on to a family like yours.

We decided to purchase a Frenchie and you know what they say, "once you've had one, you can't stop, you just get another." We have fallen completely head over heels in love with this wonderful loyal and loving breed.

Because we are small, we can offer high quality care for your new French Bulldog puppy. Many of our French Bulldogs have champion bloodlines. We are able to provide puppies that meet the highest breed standard. We are a small kennel so that our parent dogs, as well as the puppies, can get lots of love and play time. We are State licensed dog breeders. We are Vet and IPC inspected and have been approved by all... Our "girls and boys", as well as the puppies, are IPC.

Prices depend male or female and color. Our puppies will be started on their vaccinations and dewormings ect. More info on the Deposit & Payment page.. ALL dogs and puppies pictured on this website are raised by PETCLUBE Frenchies Frenchie or in our breeding program. What you see on this site is an example of OUR puppies. All pictures seen on this website belong to PETCLUBE FrenchiesFrenchies and should not be used for any other websites without prior permission. From time to time we have adult dogs available please check back.

My puppies are not toys...they are for life!! If for any reason you can't keep the dog for some unknown reason, they are more than welcome to come back here.



PETCLUBE Frenchies Frenchies has the right to Refuse any sale.


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Mini Buldogue Francês Compacto Canil e Criador French Bulldog Petclube Camp Line

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