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Pax  super american bully PAX american bully Canile Amichetti pitbullCães Criadores American Bully Kennel: Pocket,Bully  Exotic Bully, Xtreme,Standart Bully


exclusividade do Canile Amichetti




American Bully com "T "gene super saudável especialidade do Canil e Criador Petclube Amichetti



PAXBLOOD: Modern American bully Tricolored

Pax  super american bully PAX american bully Canile Amichetti pitbull


Welcome to PETCLUBE Tri Blue Bullies whom are happily collaborating with AMICHETTI Bullies! All of our dogs are purebred and have IPC pedigrees. Our goal is to produce a wide variety of colors from the blues, and chocolates to the rare and exotic lilacs and tri-colors.

Here we strive to produce healthy, well tempered and correct conformation Frenchies, English and Exotic Bullies. The bloodlines that we use to produce our high quality puppies are some of the finest most looked after bloodlines in the world. All of our pups are very well cared for by our entire family making sure they receive all the love and attention they require prior to being moved to their new permanent homes. Our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee and a puppy folder with all the information and recommendations we offer to help you get started with your new family member. We love to keep in contact with our customers so they can share their special moments they have with their new fur child with us and we can see how they develop into beautiful adult bullies.

All of our American Bully puppies, Exotic Bully puppies, Micro bully puppies for sale are IPCregistered - . IPC is the beginning stages of re-registering all of the pit bull pedigree paper work to say american bully. Though this might take some time, I can assure you that these are not pit bull dogs. They are descendants of the pit bull family and have been out cross with several breeds to get the shorter more wider smash 1 or 2 finger muzzles. This Exotic Bully breed is still relatively new on the scene now for about 3-5 years. They do present some health issues that can cause major problems such as: Heart Murmurs, shortness of breath, over-heating and many more. The Exotic Bully is not a breed to be taken lightly as a purchase. Proper understanding and knowledge is import when buying this breed. If you do decide to do business with PETCLUBE Blue Bullies/Amichetti Bullies we will answer all questions tks

Gottyline IPC Pedigree American Bully Pedigree Juridicamente Oficial American Bully Criados com Amor e Certificação Ecológica IPC Pedigree Sêlo Verde na Compra de um Filhote Bully Amichetti TRI BLACK TRI LILAC TRI CHOCOLATE
REGISTRO PEDIGREE  Internacional IPC #Criação Ecologicamente Correta#

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CELL PHONE 55 11 993868744 SP BRASIL

American POCKET Xtreme Bully
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We ship Dogs, Pups, and Semen (chilled) Worldwide*. Welcome to the site, take a look around and if you have any questions hit the "contact" tab above and we'll get back to you within minutes!
Gotti Pitbulls History:

Gottiline was founded by Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels. He is the owner of Gottiline's foundation sire, "The Notorious Juan Gotty". In 1997, he purchased Gotty from a gentleman by the name of Tony Moore. (Tony Moore is the owner of Grey Line Kennels in Los Angeles, California. The foundation bitch of Greyline was the late Showtime. Showtime is the producer of Gotty's father, 'PR' Greyline's Raider 2.) He purchase Gotty for the amount of $1,300. When Gotty was approximately 7 weeks old his sire, "Raider" passed away. When Gotty was 7 months old he sired his first litter. He went on to produce many foundation males and females including Coldens Blue Rhino, and Felony (The sire and dam of 21 Blackjack), New Troijan's Dillenger, Pate's Blue Beast, Gottiline's Monster, Do Good Big Boy, and Westside's Capone just to name a few. Gotty is the sire of over 700 U.K.C. registered American Pit Bull Terriers. Since 1997, Gottiline has spread across the USA, Canada, China, the Philippines, and Japan. Juan Gotty will go down in history as one of the greatest dogs in the bully style movement.
More on Gotti Pitbulls:

Gottiline is one of the most popular bloodlines in the american bully world. Gotti pitbulls have a distinctive look that you are able to tell them apart from other blood lines. They tend to be very stocky with a lot of mass. Gotti pits are very girthy. The Gottiline Pit Bull immediately strikes one as being a dog of power, passion, and undying willingness. The brick-like head, which is especially broad between the cheeks (to house the powerful jaws), is carried upon a thickly muscled, well-defined neck. The neck runs into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest. Gotti Pitbulls are very muscular, stocky, yet agile which is extremely strong for their size. The ears are generally cropped, though this is optional. Docked tails are not accepted by the UKC. The eyes are round. The UKC do not accept blue eyes or the coat color mearl.
Other bloodlines related to gotti pitbulls:
Notorious Juan Gotty, often spelled as Gotti, is undeniably an exceptional dog that has produced the foundation for many american bully breeders. Gotti is the foundation for Mikeland's Kracker and Gator. He is also the foundation for Kingpinline's Goliath. He is the foundation for many XXL bully pitbulls weighing over 120 lbs. Juan Gotti is also the foundation for many pocket bully pitbulls weighing less than 70 lbs. It is amazing how one dog was used to create such a diverse style of bullies, yet each style is exceptional in it's own aspects. Juan Gotty will always be a legend in the bully pitbull movement.
Regardless of the size, extreme girth, bone , and head goes hand in hand with gotti pitbulls.

Micro Bully Exotic Bully American bully

"Amichetti Kennel:The home of Pax"  Pax  super american bully PAXExotic Bullies e Micro  Bullys
"T"PAX bloo gene tricolored
Novas Importações Miagui e Kingpin Canile Amichetti
Parrudos, Largos com bastante musculatura e muito amigos, gostam de crianças pois adoram companheiros para brincadeiras.
Usamos linhagem raíz: Gottyline e Miagui.
Antes de tudo cães super saudáveis, pulam correm, nadam, brincam e como vivem rusticamente foram selecionados pela rustcidade e pela mansuetude tem uma "Saúde de Ferro, montanha de músculos naturais, numa Alma de Paz".
Perfis Sociais

Cães Criadores American Bully Kennel: Pocket,Bully  Exotic Bully, Xtreme,Standart Bully


exclusividade do Canile Amichetti




American Bully com "T "gene super saudável especialidade do Canil e Criador Petclube Amichetti

IMG 4489
Segundo especialistas e comportamentalistas caninos, é a melhor raça para quem gostaria de ter um cão bem forte e musculoso que gostasse de crianças.Possuem uma frente enorme ,com peito muito largo, são baixos e compactos, conhecidos como pocket bully e american bully pocket. 
No Brasil, existem criadores antigos que sempre admiraram esse biotipo nos am staffordshires cinzas e que hoje fazem muito sucesso nos EUA e Europa com cães de linhas como Dax Line, Kurupt, Razor Edge, Gottyline, Miagui e Kingpinline com valores que ultrapassam a casa dos 150 000 dolares americanos.

Por favor agende sua visita em horário comercial pelos telefones: 11 98485 4545 hc (gatos) e 11 99386 8744 hc (cães), e escolha seu filhote das raças:

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Canil Amichetti Bullys 
Canil Amichetti F:11 99386 8744 hc
Gatil Amicat´s F:11 98485 4545 hc
GERAL  F:55 011 4684 1047 hc

Juquitiba Sao Paulo Brasil

"A grandeza de uma nação pode ser julgada pelo modo que seus animais são tratados."  (Mahatma Gandhi)

EcoVilla Amichetti- Paraíso Ecológico- uma forma sustentável de ConViver.

Rod. Régis Bittencourt, km 334, Juquitiba apenas 40 min. do Morumbi e Granja Viana- São Paulo .

Agende uma agradável visita para adquirir seu filhote e faça belo passeio no santuário ecológico com a  Mata Atlântica  preservada.


IMG 5300O Petclube é a empresa que vende cães bully Amichetti Genuínos e Originais parrudos com anúncios de compra e venda de filhotes de cachorros AMERICAN bully, pocket bully, extreme bully,  gatos gigantes e mini leopardos para todo Brasil.