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    Tricolored Extreme 

     We are also in our own mission to produce the elusive and extraordinary lilac, blue, choco carrier french bulldog by combining our blue frenchies with our lilac frenchies.

    The bloodlines that we use to produce our high quality puppies are some of the finest and most sought after bloodlines in the world.

    Our pups all are very well cared for by our entire family. Making sure they receive all the love an affection they require prior to being spoiled by their new permanent homes. All of our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee and come with a puppy pack to guide you during the first few weeks of owning you new pup. We encourage our customers to keep in contact with us and share the progress of their new acquired puppy.


     tricolor frenchie bulldog carrier Shark


    We are a part of TRICOLOR CHOCO BLUE LILAC PETCLUBE FRENCH BULLDOGin São Paulo. We proudly own and breed this amazing breed in Rain Forest Juquitiba. We specialize in exotic and rare colors of french bulldogs. Some of those colors include lilac, lilac pied, lilac brindle, lilac fawn and hopefully soon we will have lilac tri or lilac and tan frenchies running around. 

    See more of ZEN BLOODLINE in the studs page.

    Silverblood lilac french bulldog puppy male

    We are excited to have this beautiful lilac pied boy here! His color DNA is (dd, bb) and will pass on blue and chocolate to 100% of his future offspring! Looking forward to his future babies!


    Tricolored Extreme 


    Tricolored Extreme 

     available bloodlines from all over the world to produce the highest quality french bulldog puppies in the USA. Our lilac, black and tan, blue and tan, sable, lilac and blue french bulldog bloodlines are predominantly Hungarian, Russian and American.

    Some of those quality bloodlines include: Blue Shark, Gold-Sierra, Unicum Buldy, Von Der Monarchia, SilverBlood, GleenLee, Iz Palevych Buldogov, Twin Lakes, Cox, Philip's Cooldog, Little Predator, Nagyerdoi Champion, Du Champagne, Sopianae Imperator, Super Bully, Tisza-parti Jopofa-Topa, De La Parure, ZZR, Von Bad-Bull, Szuretti Golden, Tuti-Bull, Bostondane, Lebulls, Smokey Valley and a few other select lines.

    Our frenchies are also heavily champion and grand champion bred and posses many great attributes and characteristics that are infused into our breeding program and ultimately into each and every one of our top notch blue frenchie puppies. SilverBlood Frenchies is a reputable and knowledgeable blue french bulldog breeder and it shows in the quality of our productions. Feel free to conatct us anytime! :)

    Tricolored Extreme 

    contact us about our blue or chocolate french bulldog puppies today!SilverBlood Frenchies Blue French Bulldogs Like us on FaceBook SilverBlood Frenchies on YouTube check out our Blue French Bulldog videos SilverBlood Frenchies on YouTube check out our Blue French Bulldogs Instagram page

    Lilac puppy versus solid blue puppy

    lilac french bulldog 

    Please note the very obvious differences between a standard blue french bulldog puppy and a lilac french bulldog puppy. Unfortunately, due to the rarity of the lilac color in the french bulldog breed many breeders have never laid eyes on a true lilac dog, therefore are not familiar with them and are unable to accurately distinguish one from the other. We understand that there are many different shades of blues, from very light silvery blue to solid dark blues. That being said, if a puppy looks any kind of blue, chances are he/she is NOT a lilac frenchie. Lilacs have a very distinguishable look to them. In the above picture you can see the obvious differences in the coat and the contrast is quite obvious. Aside from the known characteristics of a very young lilac puppy such as, the eye lids, nose rubber, ears and foot pads the coat is the final determining factor. After all, if the coat is not lilac nothing else matters. The term "lilac" itself is misleading as lilac in most other applications is more of a purplish color and since the shades in many blue dogs tends to lean that way - it's convincing enough to many to think that they are looking at a lilac dog. In fact in other breeds the same exact coloration/DNA combination is referred to as "champagne" which much more closely resembles the true color of a "lilac frenchie". A TRUE lilac frenchie should look more of a champagne (even pinkish) color rather than a purplish color. We have bred other breeds of dogs and in those breeds lilac/champagne dogs were a common occurrence and we therefore are able to easily identify a true lilac versus a blue or fawn with a similar shade or coloration. Please be aware of this as it is not yet possible to identify a lilac via DNA tests and many are being deceived into thinking they are being sold a lilac or have a lilac.
    We have now produced a total of 5 lilac frenchies and lilac puppies will be available for sale soon. Also our new lilac boy "ZEN BLOOD LINE" pictured above as a young pup, will be available for stud to the public once he reaches mature breeding age.
    Here we have another blue / lilac comparison available for review


    Tricolored Extreme 

    Ok, so here to the left we have yet another clear as day "lilac vs. blue" french bulldog puppy comparison. In this image the pups are older than in the previous example, with eyes open and also in a clear day sunlight. By the way, sunlight should never be required to determine or prove that any pup is or isn't lilac in color, however we are presenting both in the same light and clarity as to compare "apples to apples" sort of speak. Both of these puppies are exactly the same age and from the same litter and pictures were taken within moment from each other. It is clear to note that the lilac pup down below in no way resembles a blue puppy, there should be no guess work involved. The nose is very clearly purplish in contrast to the blue puppy and the coat is rather "pinkish". As far as DNA the only difference is that the lilac boy carries 2 copies of (b) ie: dd, bb whereas the blue boy is dd, Bb. Both can produce blues, chocolates and lilac however being that the lilac's DNA makeup allows him to pass on blue and chocolate to 100% of ALL of its offspring regardless of the dam's DNA. This makes it much more probable for him to be able to produce other lilac with females having similar genetic makeup. Females with these types of color DNA would potentially produce lilacs: (dd, bb) (Dd, bb) (dd, Bb) (Dd, Bb)

    To inquire about using our lilac stud or chocolate stud (that has produced all of our lilacs) please visit our STUD PAGE

    Here at SilverBlood Frenchies we produce fine quality Blue French Bulldogs as well as lilac French Bulldogs and all other exotic color frenchies. Included in these rare and exotic type of french bulldogs are Lilac, Black and Tan, Blue and Tan or what is also referred to as blue tri french bulldogs. The stock of french bulldogs that we incorporate in our breeding program comes from very high quality Champion and Grand Champion bred blue and lilac french bulldogs from around the world. Many of our frenchies and imported to ensure the standard and quality of our french bulldog puppies for sale. We want nothing more than to produce and provide a 100% healthy and robust little frenchie baby to our potential customers and future french bulldog adopters. We do screen our potential puppy buyers and on occasion do request veterinarian references to ensure the well being of our frenchies.

    We are currently performing 2 black and tan, blue and tan breedings at this time with our blue pied, black and tan carrier female and our blue sable tri with tan points female also. They are gorgeous females with very bully features and characteristics which will add substance and quality to the puppies we produce. The color DNA on some of these pups will be (D/d, at/a, at/ay, ay/a or at/at). We are very excited to see these two frenchie litters. We also have added 2 double factored blue girls which carry lilac. These two ladies will be used in our lilac program. In our quest to produce some of the first Lilac french bulldogs in the USA, we have done extensive phenotype and genotype research of our dogs DNA and ancestor pedigree to have the best chance possible in achieving the elusive Lilac coloration while maintaining the finest champion bloodlines and not sacrificing overall health in the process. This process can take time, however we understand the importance of putting their health and wellbeing of our puppies as our main priority. The Silverblood Bloodline is slowly establishing itself as one of the premier exotic color french bulldog bloodlines and we are striving to produce only high quality puppies, with optimal health and displaying excellent confirmation.

    Exotic and Rare color chart for the French Bulldog breed

    (ky/ky) This dog is solid in color, then the B locus will detrmine its base color such as blue, chocolate or even lilac.
    (at/at) This dog will have tan point regardless of base color and may or may not have brindle in its tan points.
    (Bb/dd) A dog that is Blue in color and carrier of both blue and chocolate. *Dual Carrier
    (bb/Dd) A dog that is Chocolate in color and carrier of both blue and chocolate. *Dual Carrier
    (Bb/Dd) A dog that may be any color other than blue or chocolate but carrier of both. *Dual Carrier
    (bb/dd) This dog will be Lilac in color and carrier of both blue and chocolate, typically with self-colored nose leather and feet pads. Both parents must be double factored dogs in order to give a double dose of "b" and "d" to its offspring. *Dual Carrier
    Genotype Refers to a genetic trait or value, or genes that are carried in the blood but are not physical or visible traits or characteristics.
    Phenotype Referts to a physical, visable trait or characteristic. In this case refering to coat color.
    The color "BLUE" may refer to a number of tones and shades by phenotype. A blue or mouse dog may be solid blue, blue brindle, blue fawn, blue pied or silver blue forms of dilute. They will ALL DNA test at (dd).

    The color "CHOCOLATE" may refer to a number of tones and shades by phenotype. A chocolate or liver dog may be solid chocolate, chocolate brindle, chocolate fawn or chocolate pied. They will ALL DNA test at (bb).


    A Brief History

    The French Bulldog is a relatively small, compact dog of bulldog type that developed from British bulldogs during the 1800’s. When bull baiting and other blood sports were banned in England in 1836, the bulldog would have met its demise except for a handful of fanciers determined to preserve its unique characteristics.
    When the Industrial Revolution in England mechanized the lace making industry, displaced workers from the Nottingham area relocated to France where the factories were not yet mechanized. These lace makers took their miniature bulldogs with them.

    First seen with the lace makers in France, French Bulldogs became popular in the late 1800’s in the red light district of Paris, where they were even sketched by Toulouse-Loutrec and painted by Degas. From there they became the darlings of the aristocracy and the elite: A Frenchie was the beloved pet of Princess Tatiana of Russia; King Edward VII of England owned one and one even went down on the R.M.S. Titanic.

    While it is believed that small terriers and pugs were crossed with bully types to produce the earlier Frenchies there are no reliable records to prove if this is true. Wealthy Americans visiting France fell victim to the charm of the French Bulldogs and brought them to the U.S. which became instrumental in the development of the breed. The breed standard was clarified in the United States and certain breed characteristics, such as the “bat ear” were mandated. The first French Bulldog show in the U.S. was held in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City in 1898, securing the breed’s reputation as a high-society dog. While their true origin remains obscure, both the English and the French lay claim to being the source of the breed. The French Bulldog has been called “philosopher clown”, and some say they’re so ugly, they’re cute! Regardless, they certainly make excellent companion dogs, and reward those who share their lives with them. Just ask any Frenchie owner. For available lilac French Bulldog puppies click here.

    What to Avoid When Looking for a lilac French Bulldog Puppy.

    Avoid buying on impulse. Don’t fall for that lilac Frenchy puppy in the window of a pet shop. or the one advertised in the newspaper, or the ad for a puppy you find on-line. And don’t allow yourself to be swayed by a pet shop employee’s sales pitch or a great ad you see someplace. And don’t allow yourself to be swayed by thinking you are rescuing the dog by buying it. Go to a true rescue organization to rescue a dog and really help.

    Avoid buying a puppy without first learning the parents AKC registered name and registration number and ask to see the pedigree. Be sure to ask the breeder what health testing they have done on the parents. If the person selling the puppy seems hesitant to open their home or kennel to you, or to answer your questions, look elsewhere. A well socialized puppy is one that had its upbringing in a loving and caring environment. And a well socialized puppy is one that will grow into a well socialized adult dog. If possible, you want to be able to spend time with the puppy in its home so you can see how it interacts with the other dogs and with you. Avoid dealing with anyone but a responsible breeder. You want to be sure that the puppy you are getting will fit into your lifestyle and a responsible breeder will know the personality and temperament of each of their puppies and can help you make the best selection. Avoid rushing into a decision. Take the time to research the breed you are interested in. Go to dog shows and see the dogs and meet their owners. Ask for referrals for breeders and talk with as many as you can. A reputable breeder cares very much about the home they place a puppy in and will take the time to discuss their dogs with you. Avoid getting breeders names from ads or newspapers. Avoid so-called “designer dogs”. The French Bulldog Club of America does not condone the deliberate cross breeding of French Bulldogs with other breeds of dogs. A lot of the qualities that make a breed so endearing can be lost when mixed with another breed.

    lilac colored French Bulldog puppies are not for everybody. Since they are relatively rare, they are costly to purchase. French Bulldog breeders can be hard to find and often are protective of their dogs, so developing a relationship with a breeder is important. Speaking of relationships, French Bulldogs can have distinctive health requirements that may cause you
    to develop a close relationship with your veterinarian. Many vets have never seen a Frenchie so locating one who understands that what may be seen as a health issue in any other breed is a normal characteristic for a Frenchie can be frustrating. That said, a lilac French Bulldog can be a very rewarding and enjoyable addition to your family. Those who live with them will tell you that they couldn’t live with any other breed. So if you’ve decided that a French Bulldog is the right dog for you, take the time to research the health issues you could encounter with this breed and be prepared to go the distance should you need to. And take the time to get to know the person you are buying your puppy from and learn about their breeding program.

    Choosing a lilac French Bulldog Breeder
    Finding a breeder to buy your Frenchie from can be difficult. Always try to make personal contact with a breeder either by phone or by attending a local dog show and introducing yourself. Responsible breeders are protective of their dogs and often question potential buyers extensively. These breeders want to be sure a potential owner understands the care a Frenchie requires before they entrust them with one of their dogs. Be patient. Take the time to do the research so you can speak in a knowledgeable manner about the breed. Don’t feel offended if the breeder asks you a lot of questions. You want to deal with someone who cares about their dogs and is concerned about the kind of home they are going to. Ask about the dog’s pedigree and the health of the parents and always ask about any health testing the breeder does. If they are doing health testing you can assume they are doing their best to produce healthy, sound puppies. Always buy from a reputable breeder, never buy a puppy from a pet shop, out of the newspaper, on-line or from a third party. And don’t think that buying a puppy from one of these sources will rescue it from a miserable life. All you will do is make their unethical practices prosperous for them which will only encourage this type of animal abuse. Find a breeder who is trying to improve the breed and will be a mentor for you throughout the life of your pet. 

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    Florida FL, Georgia GA, Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, Michigan MI, Texas TX, New York NY, California CA, North Carolina NC, Ohio OH, Tampa, FL, Arizona AZ, Oregon OR, Washington WA, Virginia VA, Colorado CO, New Jersey NJ, UTAH UT, Illinois IL, West Palm Beach, FL, Alabama AL, Tennessee TN and all of the United States including Alaska AK, Hawaii HI and Puerto Rico PR

    Here at SilverBlood Frenchies we can arrange flights for your new French Bulldog puppy to their new homes anywhere in the USA, including: Alabama, AL; Alaska, AK; Arizona, AZ; Arkansas, AR; California , CA; Colorado, CO; Connecticut, CT; Delaware, DE; Florida, FL; Georgia, GA; Hawaii, HI; Idaho, ID; Illinois, IL; Indiana, IN; Iowa, IA; Kansas, KS; Kentucky, KY; Louisiana, LA; Maine, ME; Maryland, MD; Massachusetts, MA; Michigan, MI; Minnesota, MN; Mississippi, MS; Missouri, MO; Montana, MT; Nebraska, NE; Nevada, NV; New Hampshire, NH; New Jersey, NJ; New Mexico, NM; New York, NY; North Carolina, NC; North Dakota, ND; Ohio, OH; Oklahoma, OK; Oregon, OR; Pennsylvania, PA; Rhode Island, RI; South Carolina, SC; South Dakota, SD; Tennessee, TN; Texas, TX; Utah, UT; Vermont, VT; Virginia , VA; Washington, WA; West Virginia, WV; Wisconsin, WI; Wyoming, WY, Canada and we can ship French Bulldog puppies to approved homes that are out of the country depending on quarantine laws and other conditions... Please contact us directly to get specific information about shipping laws and guidelines for your country.

    All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club.  Not only do we breed standard color bulldogs, we also specialize in rare colors including black, chocolate, and blue.  All of our dogs are considered members of our family and live inside our home. We have an extremely large (nearly an acre – unheard of in Orange County), grassy backyard where our bulldogs get to run and play.The safest way to ensure a happy and long relationship with a purebred bulldog is to purchase the dog from a responsible breeder. All of our Bullies are treated like family members and live with us inside our home. Our bulldogs are carefully bred to ensure a superior bulldog and a quality pet. We pride ourselves in providing you with an excellent experience in acquiring your new puppy!

    Welcome to Exotic French Bulldogs. We are a SMALL Hobby/ Show breeder and pride ourselves on producing the best French Bulldogs in the world. With over 10+ years of breeding experience and We are the #1 producer of exotic colored french bulldogs in the world. If you are searching for a happy, healthy, home raised puppy, you have come to the right place. All of our puppies are raised in our home, they are NEVER caged or kenneled.

    We strive to breed for outstanding temperament and confirmation. All parents are genetically tested and cleared off on their health before we breed them. We produce a VERY limited number of litters which are all planned years in advance. We are NOT a puppy mill, pet shop or back yard breeder. We DO NOT sell our babies to puppy mills, pet shops or back yard breeders. Please email is right away if you are interested in adopting one of our precious babies.


    Specializing in the rare Blue, Chocolate, Lilac/Isabella and Red colored French bulldogs.Why A French Bulldog you ask??? Here are our top reasons:
    1.) Frenchies make awesome pets as they are an all around GREAT family dogs. They are smart, attentive and SO affectionate.

    2,) They are GREAT with children of almost all ages, of course supervision with any dog is highly recommended.

    3.) They are low Maintenance, require little grooming and shed very little.

    4.) They are great with other dogs, cats, and pets when socialized and raised properly.

    5.) Frenchies make great apartment dogs, since they need little exercise and bark very little.
    (Frenchies are known as the quite breed.)

    4.) They are lovable, cuddle friendly, playful and energetic but not hyper or over active.

    5.) They are the perfect size. Not too big and not too small. The average adult weight can range from 17- 28lbs. We have miniature Frenchies on occasion that range from 14-17 lbs.

    6.) Relatively few health problems, especially when compared to the English Bulldogs. Our Adults have been screened very carefully to make sure they are the best example of a French Bulldog and have NO genetic conditions that they would pass on to their offspring.

    7.) They are absolutely adorable, have comical faces and those EARS!! Who can resist that face?
    Our French Bulldogs are short and muscular in stature. They are small to medium sized, ranging from 18-28lbs. Our French bulldogs are in extremely high demand so act quickly to reserve a puppy for your family. Colors available are blue, red, black, sable and fawn. We will have lilac, chocolate and blue tri French bulldogs in the near future.